Cattle Hill Wind Farm Overview

Cattle Hill Wind Farm is located on the eastern shore of Lake Echo in the southern side of the Central Plateau of Tasmania and connects into TasNetwork’s transmission network at the adjacent Waddamana Substation. See here for a map of the project layout.

Construction was completed in 2020 with installation of 48 Goldwind GW140 3.4MW turbines, each standing at 170 metres in height.

The site is fully operating with a local team of 9 undertaking site management, operation and maintenance work.

The project output of 144MW is equivalent to the consumption of approximately 63,500 Tasmanian homes, increasing the State’s renewable energy generation by approximately 5%, providing a significant contribution to the recent achievement of Tasmania’s target of becoming fully self-sufficient with renewable energy by 2022.

The project area is located on two rural landholdings that are used for grazing, small forestry operations and hunting purposes. This existing use will continue with minimal interruption arising from the project’s operation.

The wind turbines comprise Goldwind advanced turbine technology, that have rotors of 140 metres diameter and a maximum blade tip height of 170 metres above ground level. The wind turbines are connected by 5 underground cable circuits, joining each wind turbine to the on-site substation.

Additional permanent on-site structures include the operations and maintenance facility and the innovative Identiflight system that is the first of its kind at an Australian wind farm.

Identiflight is an avian detection system which provides effective means to protect select species from collision with rotating wind turbine blades. Further details can be found at

Project Background

Cattle Hill Wind Farm  is owned by Power China Group and Goldwind Capital Australia Pty Ltd. Goldwind Australia is a signatory to the CEC Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Projects.

Initial development of the project, including detailed site analysis, concept design, onsite wind monitoring, and submission of the Development Application and related Environmental Management Plan was undertaken by NP Power Pty Ltd.

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