Managing Impacts

Cattle Hill Wind Farm is committed to ensuring the responsible and compliant implementation of the project throughout the construction, operations and decommissioning phases. This commitment addresses the social and environmental impacts of the project through the application of:

  • specific management plans
  • targeted procedures and processes
  • consultation with local community and government agencies
  • ongoing review and monitoring to ensure:
    • compliance with the planning approvals
    • achievement of the required performance objectives
    • identification of any areas requiring improved management, and
    • corrective measures as applicable.

Potential social and environmental impacts have been comprehensively assessed. The planning approvals set out conditions for the project. The environmental management system being developed will include a broad range of measures to mitigate potential impacts and ensure compliance with all conditions of the planning approvals.

Our environmental management is incorporated into all aspects of the project’s delivery. Environmental processes and systems will be regularly reviewed to ensure responsible implementation of the project.

Key elements of our environmental management system will include:

  • Risk assessment and identification of required controls
  • employee awareness training and site inductions
  • site specific procedures and guidelines for minimizing impacts
  • specific environmental management plans
  • system of inspections, auditing and reporting, and
  • procedures for compliance tracking, review and improvement.

Assessment of IDF Avian Detection System

The assessment report provides comprehensive information on IDF and results of the trial period at CHWF. The final report can be found here.

Any enquiries in relation to the report should be directed to [email protected]

Annual Environmental Review

The Annual Environmental Review 2023 for Cattle Hill wind farm can be found here.

Management Requirements under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Approval

Condition 6A – Collision and Avoidance Detection Plan

Identiflight System at Cattle Hill wind farm

Identiflight at Cattle Hill wind farm

The Collision Avoidance and Detection Plan is required under Condition 6A of the Commonwealth EPBC

approval 2009/4839 for the Cattle Hill Wind Farm. The Plan was approved on 29 May 2018, see here.


Conditions 16 and 17 – Eagle Research Funding Plan

Condition 16 requires provision of a Plan for Ministers approval to fund research to inform the long term conservation of the Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle. The EPBC Approval Condition 16 Note 1, provides that specific plans approved by the Tasmanian EPA may satisfy the requirements for the Plan required under Conditions 16 and 17.  The following Plans have been approved by the Minister (under delegated Authority), see here.

  • Eagle Nest Productivity  Plan, Revision 5, dated 29/9/2017, see here 
  • Post Commissioning  Eagle Utilisation Monitoring Plan, Revision 3, dated 31/1/2018, see here
  • Eagle Mortality Offset Plan, Revision 12, dated 6/12/2018, see here.

Condition 17 of the EPBC Approval requires the implementation of the approved research plan prior to commissioning of the wind farm.

The third Annual Report for the Wedge-tailed Eagle Research Fund from September 2022 can be found here.

Condition 22 – Weed Management Strategy

The Weed Management Strategy  is required under to Condition 22 of the Commonwealth EPBC approval 2009/4839 for the Cattle Hill Wind Farm. The Plan was approved on 14 December 2017, see here.

Condition 23 – Flora Offset Strategy and Management Plan 

The Flora Offset Strategy is required under Condition 23(a) of the EPBC Approval 2009/4839 for the Cattle Hill Wind Farm. The Strategy was approved on 12 March 2018, see here.

The Flora Offset Management Plan is required under Condition 23(c) of the EPBC Approval 2009/4839 for the Cattle Hill Wind Farm. The Management Plan was approved on 10 August 2019, see here.

Condition 27 – Annual Compliance Report 

The fifth annual compliance report for Cattle Hill Wind Farm required under Condition 27 of the EPBC Approval 2009/4839 was submitted to the Department on 9 November 2023 is available here.

The 2022 report is available here.

The 2021 report is available here.

The 2020 report is available here.

The 2019 report is available here.